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The Apparent
EXEL Water Heating System

Take control of your energy future

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Save hundreds annually on your energy bill with our innovative solution!



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Hot Water FREE
from the Sun

Instant Rebates significantly lower your payment amount!

Upon completion of your installation, you may submit your rebate application to the relevant agencies for processing.

Equitable & Affordable

Consumers can save 80% - 90% on their energy bill within the first year.

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Making the Switch is Easy

We have partnered with Hawaii Energy to bring massive savings to your electric bill through their

Water Heating Rebates Program

Tax Incentives

You may be eligible to receive additional federal and state tax credit, reducing your taxes.

Key Features

You and Our Planet

Seeking cost savings on energy bills while minimizing environmental impact? Discover the solution with our solar water heaters!

On Demand

Our solar water heaters efficiently utilize solar power to deliver instant hot water.

Ease of Use

Our enabled water heaters operate autonomously, seamlessly turning off or cycling as necessary.

Easy Install

Delivered pre-packaged and ready for installation with minimal modifications to the customer's existing hot water system.

Freedom of Choice

Our system allows customers to opt for either four solar panels or a hybrid grid-connected system, providing them with a versatile choice.

The Future

Investing in a solar water heater is a wise financial decision that supports a sustainable future.

Real Time Communication + Data =
Optimized Decision Making

24/7 Monitoring, Disptach & Control 

  • We've developed advanced predictive algorithms for intelligent control planning

  • System achieves grid communication & data exchanges at a frequency of 4 to 60 times per second

  • Advanced settings empower the aggregation of water heater fleets, leveraging AI scheduling and coordination capabilities 

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Save money and the environment with our free, lifetime hot water solution!

Solar Panels on Roof
  • How do solar water heaters work?
    Strategically placed solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, are used to convert sunlight directly into electricity. The generated electricity is then used to power an electric heating element in the water tank. When the electricity flows through the heating element, it generates heat, which is transferred to the water in the tank.
  • What are the benefits of using a solar water heater?
    Using a solar water heater can help reduce your energy bills, lower your carbon footprint, and increase the value of your home. It is also a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to heat water for a low initial cost. Once you have paid for the installation, you will be able to heat your water for free, for life.
  • Is the Apparent Water Heater safe and easy to install?
    The Apparent Water Heater provides a secure and standards-compliant platform. It is easy to install and is designed with user safety in mind. It uses low voltage circuitry (below 60VDC), requires minimal plumbing and basic electrical knowledge to install.
  • What is the maintenance required for a solar water heater?
    Solar water heaters require very little maintenance, but it is important to have them inspected and serviced periodically. This may include checking the system for leaks, cleaning the collector, and replacing any worn or damaged parts.
  • Are there any government incentives for installing a solar water heater?
    Yes, there are government incentive rebate programs that you can apply for that will significantly bring down the cost.
  • Can a solar water heater be used in cold climates?
    Yes, solar water heaters can indeed be utilized in cold climates. The Apparent Water Heater, equipped with cutting-edge features, demonstrates remarkable adaptability by requiring only a minimal amount of sunlight to generate hot water. Additionally, it is worth nothing that solar panels exhibit enhanced performance in colder temperatures, thereby offering potential advantages in cold climate conditions.
  • How long do solar water heaters last?
    Solar water heaters have an impressive lifespan of 10 to 15 years or even longer when properly maintained.
  • What is the environmental impact of a solar water heater?
    Solar water heaters can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a home by reducing the need for electricity or gas to heat water. This can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.
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