Introducing Apparent

Reengineering the way the world manages and uses energy.
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Patented, machine-learning platform taking energy management and digitization to a new level


Energy transactions across peers and with established markets are possible for the first time


More output from the same DER capacity combine with new revenue streams to vastly increase customer returns


Knowing energy demand and supply behind-the-meter while increasing grid resiliency and stability


Real-time dispatch and control of customer-demanded renewables offsets the need for flexible thermal generation


Customers, energy markets and the environment all benefit from deployment

Intelligent behind-the-meter energy management through the digitization of energy

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At the heart of Apparent’s suite of energy technologies is its intelligent grid operating system (igOS™), a cloud-based, machine-learning application which manages distribution level energy assets in parallel with the grid. Hosted on three platforms – an electrical panel, a solar micro-inverter, and a battery power control system – energy systems can operate independently or in concert at customer-designated levels of services, opening doors to new energy and new data markets, including both peer-to-peer and wholesale.

igOS™ is bi-directional in its communication and control, with data relating to energy production and use both sensed and reported in milliseconds to allow real-time management of energy production on the distribution grid through optimal re-dispatch. Each action taken by igOS™ becomes a data packet that can be aggregated for distributed energy resource (DER) management and communicated to grid managers – in real-time.

Our technology means a smarter, more resilient grid and a big win for the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit)

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Autonomous, dynamic balancing of behind-the-meter generation and load in real-time


Millisecond sensing and dispatch through bi-directional communications and control


Millisecond sensing converts to data packets made available to parties supporting grid resiliency and visibility, such as grid operators and smart, connected energy systems


Plug-and-play capabilities enable the addition of new resources and loads

The user chooses whether to optimize at the site-level, with their peers, and through wholesale markets

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Apparent offers services that optimize the value of energy use and unlock new streams of revenue through aggregated wholesale market participation. Utilizing Apparent’s proprietary machine-learning technology, users can now participate in markets that previously excluded consumers and prosumers.

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Quick Facts

Just a few of the astounding statistics about our company.
# of patents worldwide
52 pending
MW of energy under dispatch and control
More than tripling by the year's end (2020)
# of states with Apparent
Expanding rapidly in multiple wholesale markets
Metric tons of CO₂ avoided
Equivalent to offsetting 4,400 cars or carbon sequestered by 25,000 acres
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Leadership Team

Decades of proven and passion-driven experience in the innovation of energy systems and technology, strategic leadership and changing the world for the better of all.
George Salah
Chairman and CEO
George, as an early member of Google, managed and scaled, as Director of Real Estate and Workplace Services, his worldwide group to adapt to Google’s growth from 35 employees and one office space to over 50,000 employees and 20 million square feet in 55 countries. Joining Apparent as its CEO in 2013, he has been a member of Apparent’s Board since 2012, being elected Chairman of the Board in 2014. He also served as an executive at Oracle, Inc.
Stefan Matan
CTO & Founder
In addition to founding Apparent, Stefan founded Atira Technologies, LLC, which built renewable charging stations for field hospitals, and Zap Electrics, one of the Bay Area’s largest electrical companies. He studied Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics at the University of Bulgaria and holds over 40 patents related to energy production and management.
Jacqueline DeSouza
Jacqueline joined Apparent from a private legal and consulting firm she founded to work with start-ups and emerging companies. She received a BSc in International Economics and Mathematics from George Mason University and a juris doctorate from University of California Hastings’ College of the Law.
Frank Marrone
SVP Engineering
Frank previously worked with telecommunication and energy start-ups and holds 25+ patents related to energy management. He received his BA in Electrical Engineering from the University of California Polytechnic Institute.
Maggie Alexander
Director of Business Development
Maggie has more than a decade of experience in business and project development, establishing energy-related partnerships and projects with national and international governments, environmental organizations, electric utilities and technology companies.
Ryan Dixon
Director of Finance
Ryan comes to Apparent with over 12 years in the software development and publishing industries where he developed operations controls and product analytics for two early stages companies. He received an MBA in Strategic Leadership, with honors, from Dominican University of California in 2009 and holds a BA in Economics from UC Santa Cruz.
Ani Matan
Director of Operations
Ani has held multiple roles in the company with increasing responsibility and has been with it since its formation. Ani holds a BA in Anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley.
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Postal address: 23 Pimentel Court, Novato, CA 94949

Phone: (415) 892-3182

Email: contact@apparent.com